Lawyers Provide Knowledgeable Advice on Employee Noncompete Agreements

Skilled labor and employment attorneys help parties clarify rights and restrictions when a job ends

To protect their business interests, companies often require employees to sign documents agreeing not to work for a competing firm. This is clearly appropriate during the term of employment, but when these covenants extend beyond the employee’s departure, strict rules can apply. At Braverman, PLLC, we provide authoritative legal advice to workers and employers regarding the creation, negotiation, and enforcement of noncompete and no solicitation agreements and other restrictive agreements. Our lawyers can give you a clear understanding of how far these restrictions can go or if they are even permissible at all.

Firm delivers comprehensive counsel concerning noncompete and no solicitation covenants

States take different approaches to noncompete agreements, so it is important that you get personalized advice. For employers, our attorneys will draft a document that comports with all legal regulations. If you are a current or departing employee, we can analyze an agreement that has been given to you so that you can know what terms, if any, are enforceable. Particular terms at issue can include:

  • Defining what types of businesses can be considered as competitive
  • Establishing a geographic area within which firms might be affected by the agreement
  • How long restrictions can remain in effect
  • Consideration you will receive for executing a noncompete or no solicitation agreement
  • Provisions relating to proprietary information
  • Limits on working with former customers or clients after moving to a new job

Even if an agreement has been previously executed, the terms might not be valid according to state law. We can evaluate existing covenants and inform you of your legal rights.

Dedicated advocates handle negotiations and enforcement disputes

Whether they occur at the beginning of someone's employment or the end, conversations about noncompete and no solicitation agreements can be difficult. Our attorneys protect our clients' rights by representing them during negotiations and enforcement proceedings.

Reach out to our employment law attorneys for a thorough analysis

Contact Braverman, PLLC online or at 347-853-8607 to schedule a consultation with a thorough employment law attorney who can discuss the details associated with any noncompete and no solicitation agreement. We advise employers and employees on the creation, negotiation, and enforcement of these covenants.