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(Employment Law Update)  April 2020

Subject: Brave Bulletin: FURLOUGHS AND LAYOFFS: Legal Requirements In Responding to COVID-19 Challenges

We hope that everyone remains safe and healthy as we all work together to respond to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, most employers are forced to consider drastic changes in how they operate.  This includes ceasing in-office personnel functions (for “non-essential businesses”), utilizing work from home procedures, reducing employees’ hours and/or pay, laying off or furloughing employees, and shutting down their businesses, temporarily or permanently, in whole or in part.  In considering these options, employers need to know how to remain in compliance with the law, including providing all legally required notices to employees.  The last thing any employer needs now is to expose themselves to unnecessary and costly legal liability when taking actions to attempt to reduce their costs. 

Federal and state departments of labor, and local agencies, have published helpful guidance that answer many questions, and we have provided links below to certain guidance that we believe will be particularly helpful to you at this time. 

Federal Law

Please use this link for guidance concerning federal compliance when considering furloughs and other reductions in pay and hours of employees:


New York State Law 

Please use this link for guidance concerning New York State WARN notice compliance:  

Please use this link for guidance concerning the New York Shared Work Program:


New York City Law 

Please use this link for guidance concerning the New York City Temporary Schedule Change Law, the New York City Fair Workweek Law, and other relevant New York City, New York State, and federal laws:


New Jersey State Law 

Please use this link for guidance concerning New Jersey State WARN notice compliance:


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Please stay well and safe.


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