Established Attorneys Advise Management in Union Disputes

Knowledgeable counselors strive to protect businesses during labor conflicts

Union organization strikes and collective bargaining disputes can upend a business if they are not handled with skill.  At Braverman, PLLC,

we are dedicated to helping employers develop policies and practices to prevent union conflicts from occurring and to deal with them efficiently when they arise. Our knowledge of federal and state and local labor laws enable us to provide your business with thorough legal support during arbitration, collective bargaining, contract disputes, strikes and proceedings before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Employers turn to us for our solid, reliable guidance in even the most contentious situations.

Skilled lawyers help management avoid conflicts and handle arbitrations

Our goal is for management to be prepared to respond swiftly and confidently to any union issues. When they occur, our attorneys will be by your side to offer reliable advice. We help employers with:

  • Union formation issues — If your employees are looking to organize into a union, we can help you address their concerns and discourage organization. Unions can be backed by significant resources at the national level, so it is imperative to have a comprehensive management strategy when workers consider unionizing.
  • Collective bargaining — During bargaining talks, we listen to your employees’ desires and advocate for the well-being of your business. Our knowledge of the practices and conditions in various industries makes us informed advisers.
  • Restructuring — When the needs of a business evolve, a company may have to restructure to remain successful. Our attorneys advise management on how to handle buyouts, layoffs, changes to benefit plans and other organizational shifts.
  • Strikes — It is important to have a solid contingency plan for your business in case a strike ever occurs. We work with management to develop these plans and to create policies that deter strikes before they happen. If workers strike, we can advise you on operations, public relations and other key concerns.

During arbitration and court proceedings, our lawyers are staunch supporters of employers and commerce. You can rely on us for consistent and solid guidance.

Experienced firm represents employers before the NLRB

Unions and employers must comply with the National Labor Relations Act during collective bargaining. If a regional NLRB director issues an Unfair Labor Practices complaint that does not lead to a settlement, an NLRB Administrative Law Judge will preside over court proceedings where both the employer and the union present their arguments. The attorneys at Braverman, PLLC are strong advocates for employers during all NLRB hearings.

Contact reputable attorneys to advise your business on union issues

Braverman, PLLC provides reliable employment law guidance to employers dealing with union issues. Call our office at 347-853-8607 or contact us online to schedule your consultation.